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Dayna Decker Essence Spray - Sierra

Dayna Decker Essence Spray - Sierra

$ 34.00

Richly- scented, natural spray for home and body. 4 oz. Essence Spray

Inspired by nature, this sophisticated home and body collection is made with the purest of ingredients, fresh essential fragrances and pioneering technologies. Enveloped in beautiful vibrant packaging made of hand blown glass, recyclable plastics, sustainable woods and post consumer papers. You will be inspired to indulge yourself in eco-luxury.

Enhance your living space with Essence spray. A blend of 100% Certified Organic Alcohol and exotic fragrance essence to naturally refresh your environment. Safe to use on your body and as a fabric spray.

Sierra: A sweet masculine hint of desire. You will smell hints of neroli flower ananas, leaf sweet jasmine, musk, amber, bourbon vanilla.